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2020 has brought another scorching-hot summer, and HVAC techs in NJ are seeing more calls about air conditioners that aren’t keeping it cool. Even worse, many people are still stuck at home with businesses closed or reduced and the risk of a pandemic. Do you think your air conditioning unit may be failing? If so, check out these common signs. Some have a quick fix, some require a call to your trusted NJ HVAC professional! We hope yours is an easy one!

Power Outage or Brownouts
If you recently installed a new air conditioner unit, or made other electrical changes to your house, you may notice changes in your home’s electrical functioning. While many older homes will experience a slight change in power when the unit turns on or off, anything that causes a fuse to blow, circuit to pop, or devices to function poorly should be investigated. There may be too much on the line, or your electrical capacity may not be high enough. If you notice power outages or brownouts on an older appliance, it may be breaking down. Always have power issues serviced by a skilled HVAC professional and electrician if needed.

Extreme Temps
Is the AC unit letting it get too warm before kicking on? Still blowing out frigid air when the temps are well below where you set it? These problems are usually due to challenges with the thermostat. This can be your household thermostat or the built-in thermostat within the air conditioning unit, so if an adjustment at the wall doesn’t help, contact the professionals.

Icy Conditions
You love icy-cold air, but when actual ice builds up, you have a problem! This problem can be caused by many things, including inadequate pipework, clogged filters, or refrigerant leaks. Keep your home cool and dry while saving money and have your system inspected annually.

Warm Air or Low Air Flow
This is probably the biggest complaint that New Jersey air conditioning professionals deal with. If your unit is blowing out air, but it is not very cold, or it is at very low pressure, you know something is up. Your first step should be to check your filters! Changing these monthly will help. Next, check the outdoor unit. Can air flow? Have cottonwood fibers, cut grass, or even animals made a nest in there? Depending on your unit, you may be able to access filters and even clean the outside unit. However, it is a nasty, hot, miserable task unless you have tools and skills! On the other hand, when you all a professional from TMB, we’ll get it fixed up and handle any other challenges while you relax in the shade.

Ready to solve your AC problems today? If it’s not cold, it’s not working right! Call TM Brennan Services in NJ to get your air conditioning working right.