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The weather in New Jersey is so volatile, sometimes you could combine your heating and air conditioning units on the same day and still not feel comfortable. Which reminds us, as HVAC technicians—have you considered upgrading to a combination heating and air conditioning unit? There are many good features to this arrangement, which we will review today!

Energy Efficiency
It’s likely true that any new HVAC installation will be more efficient than your old one—we are making progress in the heating and cooling industry! But one of the most energy-efficient setups on the market right now is a combination heater and air conditioning unit. These typically combine your coil, compressor, filter, and fan, and are closer to your home, reducing the energy needed.

Save on HVAC Installation Costs
Not only do you give the earth a break with a combination HVAC system; you give your wallet a break! Now, instead of having to pay to have your furnace serviced and your air conditioning unit serviced, you can do both at once—and they are the same machine! From installation to regular maintenance, you save on your heating and cooling costs.

Save Space with a Combined Unit
Obviously, one unit is going to be smaller than two separate units! But what’s even better is that many combination air conditioning and heating services are installed completely outside—freeing up that space where your furnace used to live! Time to build that fancy shoe closet!

Whatever your reasons are for seeking a combination heating and air conditioning unit, you know your home the best—but HVAC professionals in Hawthorne NJ know the heating and cooling business best! When you have an idea of how you want to climate control your home, call the experts at TMB Services and we’ll work out the HVAC for you.