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When summer ends, heater repair specialists in NJ start getting calls! As we finish the dog days of summer, you may think that the time to get your furnace checked out is far in the future, but before you know it, the nights will hit freezing and there will be snow on the ground. Is your home or business ready for winter? If you’ve heard clanging and banging, felt a chilly draft last winter, or just want to make sure you get the best out of your money when you pay your heating bill, you need to check out these great winterization tips. The team at TM Brennan Services has seen all sorts of heating mishaps, and we hope to spare you from the same! Here are our top winterization tips!

Tip #1: Seal those leaks to prevent drafts
Whether your home was built last week or last century, drafts will suck all the heat right out of your house! If you notice that your floor is always cold, a certain room “just won’t heat,” or if you feel like your furnace is underperforming, start by sealing your home or business off from the elements. This can include removable solutions, like “draft-dodger” devices to put under doors, clings on windows, or even heavy shades or drapes. It can also include more intensive efforts like caulking around your wall gaps, sealing behind electrical outlets, and assessing old windows. If your house is sealed up, but still letting in a chill, check out our next step.

Tip #2: Have your furnace serviced for function and cost-cutting
A well-maintained furnace can operate up to 30% more efficiently than a poorly-maintained one, on average. On the flip side, this means you might be paying 30% more in heating costs if you haven’t had your furnace professionally serviced by a NJ heating and cooling professional! To avoid wasting money and risking your furnace going out in the middle of the coldest night of the year, make sure you get your annual check-up. Bonus tip: if you have a new furnace, your warranty often depends on having it serviced annually by a licensed HVAC professional. NJ residents should start planning their tune-up in September or October to have it ready by the coldest time of year.

Tip #3: Check air returns and fireplace flues
Depending on your home’s heating system, you may have air returns that need to be directed in a particular manner in the winter or summer. Are you sure you know what these are? Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t—that’s why heating and cooling experts know all about them, and how to make sure your home or business is properly ventilating during the winter months. While we do not service fireplaces, we like to remind our homeowners to check the fireplace flue to ensure it is vented appropriately as well.
The most important factor that extends the life of your furnace while saving you money on heating costs is proper maintenance of your system. Whether you want a one-time tune-up, or if you’d like to set up a plan for regular HVAC services in NJ, call the experts at TM Brennan!