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As the winter weather approaches, you may find yourself in need of a good HVAC technician in NJ. How will you know that your furnace needs service? In addition to regular checkups on your air conditioning and heating services, your furnace may show signs of wear and tear. To make sure that you take the best care of your furnace, presently and in the future, today we are going to talk about three common signs of a failing furnace.

1. Failing Thermostat. One of the first signs of furnace failure is unusual performance in your thermostat. This can cause many problems such as varying heat control and comfort levels throughout your house, as well as a furnace that runs all the time, even when it’s hot. If your thermostat seems to be “on the fritz” call your trusted HVAC technicians in NJ to diagnose whether your issue is actually the thermostat, or if your furnace may not be keeping up.

2. New, Loud Noises. If the furnace is very noisy, you may need to schedule some air conditioning and heating services. This can involve many unusual sounds like clicking, banging, or whooshing air noises, and can indicate a lot of problems such as loose or malfunctioning parts. This noise can disrupt sleep and leisure time, upset pets and children and even cause the entire furnace to break down. Especially if you have not made time for regular maintenance, these sounds can be your warning that your heater will break down.

3. Failure to Ignite. Have you ever heard your heating system click on, start to go through its usual startup routine, then shut right back down, leaving your home just as cold as before? This is not a good thing! This means that you will have heating sometimes and sometimes you won’t, which can be very irritating. This can mean a clogged filter or malfunctioning thermostat at best; at worst, it could be a sign that your ignition is failing. This puts you and your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning! Stay safe and seek emergency HVAC services from skilled, responsive HVAC technicians in New Jersey.

The three problems listed above are just a few that can occur, especially if you don’t schedule regular air conditioning and heating services. If you have any questions regarding your furnace or any other heating and air issues, call an HVAC technician near you! The team at TM Brennan Services is available 24/7 to take care of all of your needs. 1. air conditioning and heating services