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With the winter weather settling in, you’d better have a skilled HVAC technician on-call! The coldest months of the year are often the busiest months for HVAC techs in NJ, so make sure to stay on top of your scheduled air conditioning and heating services, and try these great tips to keep your house warmer this winter!

Inspect and Clean
One of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system, and for yourself, is to ensure your furnace and HVAC system are inspected, cleaned and maintained at least annually. When your HVAC technician in Sparta visits, he will remove the dust and lint that can build up, clean the interior parts, and check to make sure everything is running well so you have a lower chance of furnace failure during a chilly winter night!

Seal Drafts
Your furnace can only work so hard! Take some of the load off of it and seal up the drafts in your home! Single-pane glass windows, doors that don’t fit tightly, and uninsulated basements and attics are usually the biggest heat losses in your home. Your air conditioning and heating service professional in NJ may be able to help identify climate concerns around your home, or your energy company may have a program as well

Do Chores Strategically
Regular household chores and hygiene tasks such as baking a cake, steaming vegetables, washing laundry, or taking a shower all contribute to the temperature inside your home. If you want to reduce your heating costs, try doing these at the times when you benefit most from the heat! A toasty morning shower may mean you can keep your heat turned down until you come home from work, and a nice, slow-cooked roast can offset your furnace’s duty.

Ready to start keeping your home warmer this winter? You can change and adjust your typical household behaviors, but your biggest savings come from working with a professional HVAC technician! For all your hating and air conditioning services in NJ, call TM Brennan today!