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Are you selling your home this summer? Many customers have called TM Brennan HVAC Services in New Jersey to ask if a new central air conditioning system will boost the value of their home, or if it would be worth their while to install a new air conditioning unit before selling their home. We think this is a great idea, and share our reasons why you need a new AC before your home sale!

Keep Home Tours Cool with AC

Now that home tours are happening in-person again, the climate of your home for sale is very important. Your potential buyers may be turned away by a sweltering home, and may choose to pass on your property! Make your prospective home buyers more comfortable when you have the AC turned on full-blast.

Central Air Conditioning Return on Investment

For homeowners in New Jersey, the summer months can be unbearable. Many older homes have gotten by for many years with “window rattlers,” but we all know that central air is usually more efficient and effective—not to mention much more attractive! A new central air conditioning system can boost the value of your home by up to 10%, so this can see major returns! Even though you may pay a premium for summer installations, keep in mind that your buyers would have to pay the same premium to beat the summer heat—by installing a new central air conditioning system now, you save them the hassle and ensure your property is move-in ready!

Cool Air, Hot Market

The final question you should ask yourself before installing a new air conditioner or central air conditioning unit on your NJ property is this one: how quickly do you want to sell? Properties are flying off the market these days, and a new AC can help you sell even faster! The market is hot with people who want move-in-ready homes, and making sure your AC is cool and breezy is the best way to bring them in this summer.

Are you ready to install a new air conditioner or a central air conditioning system in your NJ home? Call the HVAC experts at TM Brennan today to get started!