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Are you blowing your budget on your NJ home air conditioning bill this summer? How frustrating! With everything else going on in the world, your home should be your personal oasis, but when the cooling bill comes, it may seem more like a luxury resort fee. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can save money on your cooling bill this summer. Here are some of the favorites from TMB Services!

Summer Clean
Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? This summer, forget the closets and garages and make sure your cooling system is clean and ready to go. What does this involve? First and foremost, change that filter on your AC unit! Like changing out your toothbrush, it’s a tiny hassle that makes a huge difference. While you’re at it, make sure your return vent area is clean, and next time you walk outside, check your outside unit to make sure it is free from grass, leaves, or anything else that might block it

Seal Tightly
In the winter, your heat rises and escapes. In the summer, your air conditioning sinks and escapes. This summer, seal your house from the bottom up and stop letting that AC sink into your basement or crawl space! Caulk or removable barriers keep walls and floors tight, and the same draft dodgers you use all winter work great for doorways in the summer.

Zone it Out
If you have rooms you don’t use, close them and consider shutting vents. For a customizable zone solution, check out our mini duct products that allow for room-by-room temperature control!

Shift Schedules
Is your bedroom the hottest at night? Is your office intolerable in the early mornings? If you can, find a place in your home that works for your schedule. The basement guest bedroom can easily be your new cool sleeping place or summer office!

Go Professional
Would you rather spend a little money now, or a lot of money later? If you skip professional services for your HVAC unit, you are at risk of having to pay more later for repairs. While nobody likes to plan for the future, you can avoid costly repairs, energy inefficiency, and sudden outages when you schedule regular preventative maintenance, or even when you upgrade to a more efficient unit.

Whether you change out your filter or your entire HVAC system, don’t do it alone! Get the best advice and price from the HVAC experts in Northern New Jersey today when you call TMB!