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Did you skip winter maintenance this year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, don’t worry—you can get your heater and air conditioner serviced this spring and continue to enjoy top-notch performance. Why is spring a great time for HVAC services in NJ? Read on to find out!

Decent Weather
For most of us in Northern New Jersey, heater and air conditioner service timing can be a challenge. Do you want to shiver in the winter, or sweat in the summer? If you don’t like either of those options, spring can be the perfect time for your HVAC service project. Spring is fairly temperate, even in Northern NJ, giving your HVAC professional plenty of time to turn off and clean both your air conditioner and heater!

Beat the Heat
Summer usually strikes the northeast around June, but some homeowners have turned on their air conditioners as early as March in very warm years! Don’t get stuck trying to service a malfunctioning air conditioner on the hottest day of the year—schedule service today and your HVAC system will be ready when you are.

Get the Furnace Ready for Next Year
If the end of 2020 got too hectic to have your heater serviced, what do you think will be different in 2021? This year, get a head-start and have your furnace serviced at the same time as you service your air conditioner, and start off next fall and winter with a clean, well-working machine.

Easy Scheduling
The busiest times for HVAC professionals in NJ are during the hottest days of summer and coldest days of winter. While the best HVAC technicians like TMB Services are on-call 24/7, we’d rather save you the emergency call! Schedule early for special deals and the best availability.

Are you ready to tune up your heater and air conditioner? Spring is the perfect time, so call TM Brennan Services today to set up your HVAC maintenance appointment!