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Installing a new air conditioner in your NJ home can be a huge expense! For this very reason, many homeowners try to extend the life of their AC by cleaning it themselves, having it serviced and maintained regularly, and waiting to replace it. But your old unit doesn’t have to be spitting, sputtering, and blowing out warm air for it to be time for a new one. In fact, a new air conditioner can actually pay for itself. Keep reading to find out how!

Get Money for Your Old AC

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get cash for your old air conditioner! Some local and state municipalities offer special programs, or check with your electric company to see what they offer. In any case, you may be able to sell it for parts or scrap. But that’s not the best savings you’ll see!

Get Rebates On an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Often, you can greatly offset the cost of your new air conditioner installation in NJ through rebates on an energy-efficient product. Again, this can be through your local or state government, your electric company, or even with federal funds. Many of these programs require a licensed HVAC employee to install your new air conditioner, so call the experts at TMB for help! Still, this isn’t your greatest savings. What saves the most?

Lower Your Monthly Cooling Bills

A new air conditioning unit is so much more efficient than your old one! You probably don’t realize it, because it builds up over time, but your AC is probably costing you a little more than it did last year… and the year before… and the year before that. As your air conditioner ages, it runs less efficiently, requiring more power. Even a brand-new air conditioner from 10 years won’t run as well as a newer model—technological advances have made it much easier for air conditioners to be energy efficient over time.

Are you putting off getting a new air conditioner because you are afraid of the cost? Think long-term and you may be surprised by how quickly your new AC will pay for itself! When you’re ready, call TM Brennan Services for top-notch HVAC services in New Jersey.